RayZo Associates

RayZo has a strong team of skilled marketing professionals in design, web development & hosting, and communications. All team members have very strong writing skills and assist in many parts of a marketing campaign or project.

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Community Development Specialist - Grizel Ubarry

During the last twenty three years, Grizel Ubarry has been president and sole proprietor of G. Ubarry, Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in management and community economic development initiatives. Her firm specializes in working with non-profit organizations, community development corporations, businesses, and financial institutions in the development of successful community revitalization projects, specifically in the field of affordable housing.

The focus of the firm is on creating innovative initiatives in facilitating promising, yet challenging community development projects from their inception to final stage.

As a development consultant, Ms. Ubarry has helped to develop and finance over $70 million in affordable housing projects, commercial real estate, and childcare/community facilities in addition to creating programs that provide home ownership opportunities to low and moderate-income families. She is also actively involved in the development of initiatives that address neighborhood and family-based development and in assisting organizations pursue income generating opportunities.

As a management consultant, Ms. Ubarry is involved in the provision of organizational development and strategic and business planning in facilitating non-profit organizations and businesses redefine themselves for the changing environment of the 21st century. She also serves as a coach to executives and Board of Directors who are retooling their organizations or experiencing transition.

To learn more of her services, please visit: http://www.grizelubarry.com.

Leadership Training - Roy Lee

SOLUTIONS LEARNING, Inc. was founded by Roy B. Lee, Jr., formerly a Management Development Instructor with IBM. Clients benefit from his passion for nurturing the professional and personal growth of business leaders, as much as from his 35 years of experience in human resources and corporate organizational development. Lee designed a groundbreaking course called Growing Your Own Leaders, which combines the best of contemporary management and leadership development, customer service, workplace diversity and change management training. Roy has worked with a number of well-known private, not-for-profit, and public sector clients.

Solutions Learning, Inc. can:

  • Design and deliver workshops, seminars and conferences on a wide range of topics specific to your business or industry.
  • Engage in organization consulting activities that produce positive, effective, and productive outcomes.
  • Help you accurately qualify the 'bottom line' impact of learning and development expenditures. We can then work with you to ensure that learning dollars produce exceptional investment returns.

For more information visit www.SolutionsLearning.com

Communications Writer - Sharon Salvador

Sharon Salvador's bio coming soon.

Graphic Art Design & Copy Editing - Sophia Tingle

Sophia has over 12 years experience in print/presentation design, product layout, editing, and a strong technical knowledge of preflighting digital files. As the company's lead graphic design artist for the Tingle Group, Sophia reviews, analyzes, and creates visual solutions to communicate a variety of advertisement and marketing needs. Her artistic and professional disciplines have helped companies translate their ideas and messages into illustrative images -- resulting in the creation of very simple to complex print designs.

Sophia is a graduate of New Jersey City University with a bachelor's degree in Digital Design and Illustration. Apart from being a graphic design artist, Sophia is a Travel Consultant and Event Planner, two additional services she provides RayZo, Inc, through the Tingle Group.

She is an aspiring photographer, having found that this talent compliments many of her design projects.

Learn more about all the services Sophia has to offer at http://www.tinglegroup.com.

Proofreading & Copy Editing - Ashley Reid

Ashley Reid received a masters degree in Political Science from the University of Michigan in 2008, and she is currently pursuing a joint PhD in Political Science and Public Policy. She graduated summa cum laude from Spelman College in 2006 with a major in Economics and a double minor in Management & Organization and Comparative Women's Studies. In addition, she has four years of experience working as an analyst with the federal government.

Marketing Associate - Ivelissa Rivera

Ivelissa Rivera's bio coming soon.

Web Developer & Host - Leshell Hatley

With over 18 years experience working with computer technology and the founder of emagine! technologies, inc., Leshell Hatley's primary list of services include web design, development, and hosting; interactive media creation; along with illustration and animation. Leshell is well known for her passion to achieve excellence and adds a powerful element to our success in delivering each client with a clean, imaginative, and refreshing web presence.

To learn more of her services, please visit: http://www.just-emagine.com.